$0.29 a day…

What with the push for induction stoves for boats, the current news that gas stoves may be less than healthy, and the fact that I’d love to lessen the amount of fossil fuels aboard. So, hardly surprising I’ve found myself thinking about the various alternatives to propane lately.

The main issue with going electric is that , for someone who cooks a lot, the energy budget for induction is pretty hefty requiring a bigger battery bank and more solar panels than I have room for aboard “So It Goes”. Sure I could add a genset but then I’d still be burning fossil fuels. By my calculations I’d really need to move up to a bigger boat if going with more solar. Something of a conundrum is it not?

Propane biggest selling point is that it’s cheap. Our current cost per day for propane is $0.29 a day and we cook a lot. That’s a whole lot less than alcohol, kerosene, or any sort of electric system that’s available when all things are considered.

Granted propane gets a bad reputation regarding hassle factor and availability but sense we get between 75 to 90 days from a 20 pound tank (and we have two) so we can go close to six months with out having to refill. Off hand I can say that we’ve never been more that three months away from a place where we can top off our propane bottles.

I’m still open-minded but I’ll have to see some serious improvements in electric before I jettison the propane in favor of some other source of cooking.

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