Yeah, 27-feet…

Apparently, some folks don’t agree that a bog standard 27-foot production boat can be a capable cruising conveyance.

I get the fact that a boat in this size range is not everyone’s cup of tea but they are capable and well within most peoples means. Sure a 44-foot Swan might be better but it also costs $90K or so more than that CAL 27.

In my defense I’ll also add that I never said cruising in a CAL 27, Catalina 27, or a Cape Dory 27 would be a cakewalk. A small boat comes with some issues that you’ll have to adapt to as well as a certain amount of roll with the flow Zen moves to make it all work.

Still, it’s been done by many and just knowing it’s possible means that you’re not setting out on some impossible task and that’s a goodly thing.

So, the next dozen or so posts are going to be about making a 27-footer into a sailboat able to cross oceans in a modicum of comfort, safety, and style.

No consumerist BS, no rocket science, and nary a boat buck in sight.

Of course, if you find the idea of creative frugality doing things, a bit old-school, and swimming against the current trend of out-of-control consumerism a bit off-putting you might want to go elsewhere more within your comfort zone. I highly recommend the Sail Life channel as it’s both entertaining and an excellent way to pass the time.

We’ll get into the first installment come Thursday…

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1 thought on “Yeah, 27-feet…”

  1. If you just one extra foot the Catalina 28 with the sugar scoop ticks most boxes, but in Australia they are not exactly budget boats. I have surveyed lots of Adams, Swanson's, Van de Stadt, Beneteau and Roberts designs all under 30 feet and your next best option is a Columbia 27 for price and comfort. The biggest plus is the reasonably sized enclosed toilet. Almost essential if you want to have a partner onboard a small boat. A rough Columbia 27 I surveyed recently sold for $3000 and had a low hour Yanmar diesel. The rigging needed replacing and cosmetically the boat needed attention, but the bones were good. Readers from Australia will see plenty of Cheap Roberts 25 yachts. But they are just floating caravans and a Columbia 27 would sail circles around them.

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