sweat equity…

There’s an interesting forum thread on the current asking price of a Pearson 367 on the Junk Rig association forum you might want to check out.

Sure fixing up an older cheap boat might seem like a lot of work but, done with some care and a prudent budget, will greatly increase the value of the boat in question.

Better yet, it recycles materials that would not be recycled and just windup as landfill.

A little sensible sweat equity makes a whole lot of sense/cents.

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1 thought on “sweat equity…”

  1. The thing with sweat equity you have to play to your strengths. If you are a good mechanic then a tired engine is not an issue, but for me it would be a deal breaker. The same with steel yachts. To sand blast one is a huge expense and I do not have the equipment to do the job. Generally fibreglass work and painting is a task everyone can learn. The results might vary but generally speaking learning these two skills can save you a lot of money. Also the smaller the boat the quicker you can finish and go cruising.

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