The best dinghy deal I’ve seen in ages…

 It just came to my attention that West Marine currently has the Sportyak on sale. You know, this boat…

It’s a great design as it’s light, pretty much indestructible, unsinkable, and cheap. It rows well and can carry two people with gear or groceries which is really all most people actually need in a dinghy. Lastly it’s light enough to carry up a beach or get it up on the boat from the water by one person and it has a very small footprint so most folks will find it easy to store on deck..

That said, you can build a better dinghy for less but for those folks not inclined to wood butchery of the dinghy building sort this is just about the best bang you’ll find in a ready made dinghy that floats right side up.

Just sayin’

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