regarding a very long voyage in a pretty small boat…

I read recently how Keith Leitzke has returned from another cruise to nowhere in particular and it got me thinking about a few things…

The first being how that Bill Lapworth’s CAL 20 is still a great minimal cruising design in spite of the fact that it was never really designed to be one.

While I’m sure the Cal 20 would not be everyone’s choice for a long sea voyage apparently Keith Leitzke thought it was just the thing for a four month or longer blue water voyage.

The fact that the Cal  20 has more than proven its blue water bona-fides with numerous trans-pacific voyages to its credit just goes to show that seaworthiness is not dependent on cost or size.

Of course, doing extreme blue water voyages in small boats means that one has to get creative to the Nth degree where space and loading is concerned. Seriously, just how do you store four months or more of provisions, water, and other needful gear?

Just thinking about how to store 120 gallons of water on a Cal 20, for starters, kinda makes my brain hurt! Throw in the provisions of even the most stoic menu for four+ months and you’re talking about some genius creative use of space…

Well that or getting into TARDIS territory.

The important thing to keep in mind is that, obviously, it’s been done so it’s possible and knowing something is possible means all you have to do is figure it out because impossible is no longer an option.

Just sayin’

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