on creative frugality and some coming changes…

There’s a cooking channel that I really enjoy by Joshua Weissman and one his features are recipes where he does some established dish adding “But Better” or “But Cheaper” to the mix. It’s entertaining and I’ve yet to come across an episode of his that did not have me wanting to get in the kitchen and get to doing.

For example…

Which has exactly “what the hell to do with VolkCruisers and frugal cruising?” you might ask.

What most people don’t get is the whole idea here at VolksCruiser is to make the cruising experience more accessible to those with less disposable income or savings to do it with. I too often get emails to the site saying it’s easy to sail and cruise cheap and all you have to do is to simply lower your standards and get into dirtbag camping mode which, to be honest, I find all sorts of insulting.

The fact is there’s really very few reasons not to be comfortable cruising these days or, for that matter, thriving on a sustainable budget as opposed to being tarred with the dirtbag moniker as not quite hip or affluent enough to play with the “cool” kids.

Which brings us back to the whole “But Cheaper” and “But Better” additions that Joshua Weissman brought to my attention and morphed into a better way to think about VolksCruisers and frugal cruising…

It’s all about doing it better and cheaper!

With an emphasis on doing it better.

Maybe a whole lot better.

So, with a nod to Mr Weissman, I’ll be adding a series of articles to the mix of a “But Better” or “But Cheaper” nature and we’ll show you examples of how not to just survive but thrive as we get into some serious creative frugality territory.

Since I’m just about to build a new self-steering gear I’ll get started with how to put together a better windvane steering system but cheaper.

More soon come…

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1 thought on “on creative frugality and some coming changes…”

  1. It's really a no brainer that home made burgers are miles better than massed produced burgers. Even without making your own bun it's still way cheaper.
    One meal that saves a few dollars is the cooked roast chicken from the supermarket ($10 here in Australia). For us the first night we have it with salad, then chicken mayo sandwiches for lunch and finally the carcass is thrown into the pot along with a can of creamed corn, garlic and some extra vegetables to become soup. Three meals for a family of four and nothing is wasted.

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