Regarding affordable multihulls…

This morning I read an article “10 Small Catamarans For Cruising” which ranged in price from $50K to $300K which seems to be somewhat out of reach of VolksCruiserish folk in spite of the fact that  the boats in question, apparently, represent the affordable under 38-foot niche on the market.

Kind of depressing reading as it happens.

Of course, if you’re not looking for condomarans and on a VolksCruiser budget you’re thinking of building a DIY multihull (cat-tri-proa), shopping for a well built used one, or looking for an older pre-condomaran classic plastic production boat.

Which has me thinking that a short list of possible VolksCruiser multihulls would be no bad thing.

More soon come.

In the meantime, check out Michael Schacht’s “Herbie” cruising proa for a Volkscruiser friendly multihull.

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