What everyone seems to do…

Have you noticed how many YouTube channels there are about people downsizing, buying a boat, fixing it up, and sailing off into the paradise of Patreon fueled bliss?

If not, you really should check them out because they are very educational for the most part.

One of the things you’ll notice is there seem to be certain rites of passage that everyone goes through and rules of sorts that, like it or not, apply to the whole “Buying a boat, fixing it up, and sailing off into the sunset” gig…

Rule #1
Whatever boat you buy or how much you spend will require lots of work and money to fix up.
Rule #2
Everyone underestimates the amount of work and money needed.
Rule #3
Nothing involved in the process is rocket science and can be accomplished by just about anyone.
Rule #4
Everyone makes mistakes (though some make more than others).
Rule #5
Most people on boat projects don’t do enough research/homework of the right sort.
Sure, I know, rules are never concrete things in this life but they do exist even if it’s just to give us a hint of what may lie in store for us. Forewarned is forearmed so to speak. 
That said, rules often send the wrong message as the big picture does not always reflect a specific projects specific details. Especially if you’re embarking on a VolksCruiserish project.
Yeah, VolksCruiserish rules are going to be a little bit different.
More about that on Sunday.

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