Not for everyone…

In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a lot of hurricane related boats and gear coming on to the market down here and like Rod Stewart reminded us way back when…

In the case of the Westsail pictured it’s beat up, forlorn, and a whole lot of work to make it right but there’s life in the old girl yet. That said, it is not the sort of project that is suitable for most folk and for most folk it would be the project from hell.
Of course, most folks don’t read VolksCruiser or, for that matter, have a clue.
As for my take on such a project it’s doable for a lot less time and money than you might expect. Though, admittedly, just the sort of enterprise that would test one’s mettle, sanity, and perseverance.
Like I said, not for everyone…
But, just maybe, a good discussion point.

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1 thought on “Not for everyone…”

  1. Steel pipe mast, polytarp junk sail, hank on jib. Maybe a small mizzenmast. Blammo….. ready to rock, if sound hull and rudder still OK. Yuloh on stern and ditch the engine of just yawlboat it. All things I have done with a Pearson 32. Sailing a piggish westsail? That's a whole nother story.

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