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There’s an excellent article in the new Latitude 38 (the best free sailing magazine around) about emergency rudders on the cheap. You should really give it a read…



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3 thoughts on “Some good reading…”

  1. Ummm, I just found your site and as happens, I have been thinking about a backup rudder with the rash of rudders being bit off by Orcas and all. I suppose the new trend of using black bottom paint instead of red might have something to do with that…. but anyway, "the new Latitude 38" was a loss for me. I looked at the year and month you posted this and looked up the archive on their site for March and upon not finding an article that looked to be about emergency rudders or stop gap anything, I thought well maybe he means February but no luck there either. So anyway, I don't expect you to go back and find it as I already have some ideas about the subject and I understand just printing the article or parts of it would be troublesome. But maybe: "the Latitude 38" would be a nicer way for those coming across older blog posts. Thank you for a fascinating blog (I came from the Trilo site in case you wondered) I myself am firmly in the cheap seats though have the added complication of two adult children. I added a quarter berth to a 21 foot power boat last summer and we enjoyed our summer. While I have bee thinking of adding a mast and some sails, I suspect just buying an old sailboat would both give us a little more room and be cheaper than converting. Though I will say that adding "lee boards" has made anchoring much more comfortable even with no sails.

  2. The article in question is in the March 2015 issue in the Max Ebb column entitled An Either-Oar Proposition. Hope that helps.

  3. Thank you got it. Not from the magazine site but google took me to the pdf. Thank you. I had not thought of that shape "paddle" but it sure makes sense.

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