Because smaller is cheaper…

Most everyone wants a bigger boat… Well, in a sorta/kinda way.

Face it, we all like lots of room to spread out in, gobs of storage space, and the extra speed a longer waterline gives us.

That said, when it comes to paying for a night in a marina, a haul out, or the extra gallon or so of  expensive  bottom paint all of a sudden we’re somewhat less enamoured of having a BFB (Big Frellling Boat for the uninitiated)

Pretty much, anyway you slice or dice it, bigger is going to translate as more expensive on just about every level and not by a little but by a lot.

So, if you’re going to be cruising on a budget, smaller rather than larger just makes sense. It’s all kinds of obvious but easily overlooked because there are so many voices telling you need bigger and more expensive.

Next: we’ll continue the broken record approach and tell you yet again why smaller makes even more sense…

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