Tomorrow is not nearly as good as today…

Two things came across my desk today and they both had an unusual amount of resonance…One was today’s blog post by my favorite Druid on progress and, the other, was an email from Mariah of Comet Camper fame on why a 5/10/15 year plan may not be the smart way to go.

This morning,s input was the near perfect catalyst. I’ve been needing to organize some thoughts that have been circling around in my head for quite a while now and the result amounts to this:

Do it now.
Right now, (spelled t-o-d-a-y) because today is as good as it will ever be to get to doing on your plans to sail away.
Don’t believe me?
Part of it is that, in the right here and now, good boats have never been cheaper. Seriously there is a plethora of excellent cruising boats at pennies on the dollar and while this situation may last for a while, they won’t really be getting any cheaper. Now is the time to buy while there’s a good selection.
Needful stuff for boats is cheap. Sure a lot of stuff made for boats is silly expensive but today a lot of stuff that you actually need has come way down in price… For instance, I’m adding another solar panel to our boat. A 100 watt panel is a third of the cost I paid seven years ago for a fifty-watt panel which means pretty much anybody can afford a big enough solar array to keep the needful systems running and the beer cold. Better yet, with inexpensive LED lighting you don’t even have to have all that big of an array…
Not all that long ago GPS was expensive, chart plotters were too expensive to even consider for a VolksCruiserish budget but today good quality small chart plotters with fishfinders can be found for two or three hundred bucks. Of course, if you go the computer/tablet route you can do it for even less.
The reality is that today you can pick up a well found cruising boat and the gear needful to make it even better for a lot less than I could imagine even a few years ago. So, since it’s such a good time to get with the program why wait?
Oh yeah, you have a 5/10/15 year plan so you’re waiting for that perfect cruising boat to become something other than vaporware and for the economy to turn around or win the Powerball lottery (your chances of winning the lottery may actually be better than the economy getting better). Sure, that might work out…

But, wouldn’t you rather be sailing?

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