on VolksCruiserish budgets…..

Since I began writing Boat Bits and VolksCruiser I’ve gotten a lot of mail on the question of whether it’s possible to build or buy a boat and cruise cheaply…

The problem is the answer is complicated and has a lot more to do with the person asking the question than it actually does about the cost of sailboats and cruising.

So, the question everyone should be asking is can I make the changes to my lifestyle and the way I live to do the gig?

For instance, I’ve recently been reading a really good book (Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog) about diet which makes a lot of good points and, I’m pretty sure, if I adopted much of what it says I’d be better off. The snag is, to adopt it I’d need to give up some things and make some serious changes in how and what I eat. I’ll be honest in saying I just don’t think it’s going to happen. That said, it does not mean I can’t take advantage of a lot of the stuff in the book it’s just that I won’t get all of the benefits… Hey. what can I say but I love to bake bread and cakes.

For a lot of people reading VolksCruiser who are unwilling or unable to adopt the sort of gung ho commitment needful for living and thriving on a VolksCruiserish budget, I’m sure there are still a lot of ideas that might help you make whatever budget you’re doing go that little bit further.

Of course, for those folks who want to sail away on $500/750/1000 a month the answer is of course you can providing you can make some changes and get your head into the game. Luckily for us is that most of those changes are actually pretty minor and, in most cases, simply amounts to losing the excess baggage you’re not really using anyway.

Still, not everyone is willing to make those changes and give up whatever falls into the bread and cake category for you… Trust me, I understand.

So, anyone care to share your bread/cake issues?

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