So, what about that Tad Robert’s scow cat schooner?

Here’s a glimpse of the interior accommodation…

What Tad has to say about it…

From the transom, four feet of cockpit with outboard well in the sole. Storage lockers port and starboard under the seats, each one is 24 cubic feet. A large locker under the forward cockpit sole, for gas cans, spare outboard, crab trap, other messy crap.

Through the hatch, down three steps, first section is 4′ fore and aft. Head to starboard, navigation table/office over huge ice box to port. Next section is 3.33′, galley counter port and starboard, storage under. Heater set into/under the counter on starboard side. Next section 6.67′, seat/berth port and starboard, table between, shelves behind. Next forward, 5′ fore and aft, full width of the boat, double berth. Watertight bulkhead with 120 cubic feet of storage in the bow.

Daggerboards will be vertical outboard of the settees. Centerboards can be a larger one forward of the mainmast under the table and a small trim board in the cockpit sole. Or a larger board aft the mainmast (in the way) with a small one forward under the berth.

Hopefully more on this boat sooner rather than later.

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