While all boats need a good selection of tools, it’s a given that folks of the VolksCruiserish persuasion tend to be a bit more serious about their tools because they’ll be using them on a regular basis. You might say a good set of tools and half a clue about how to use them is the VolksCruisers best friend.

Now, I’ll admit I’m something of a tool snob of a sort. Which is not to say I make judgements based on the sort of tools in someones kit  (Hey, Harbor Freight tools work just fine) but simply about whether or not someone actually has a kit at all. Being toolless denotes a lower form of life if you will…

That said, I should mention being toolless is not nearly as low on the evolutionary scale as those who borrow tools. Yeah, those guys…

Anyway, you need tools to build boats, repair boats, build/repair things, and, most importantly, free you from the greedy evil clutches of the marine trades and tradesfolk. They’ll also save you lots and lots of money.

Are not tools cool?

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