there goes the neighborhood…

As everyone knows (I do go on don’t I), I want to build a shoal draft modern scow of the VolksCruiser sort of easily built, adaptable, and affordable to folks of the blue collar sort…

You know the sort of people who actually work for a living!

The sort of thing that rich yachty type would turn their noses up in outrage and lock their daughters up because anyone in a scow, schooner or otherwise, would threaten the status quo.

Of course, now that the Mini was slam dunked by a scow and a rich dude is currently building a TransPac-beater scow, all of a sudden scows are starting to get hip…

You might want to check out the thinking behind these babies! The good news is that all of the uber-rich scow penciling I’m seeing are not shoal draft so there is still hope for the VolkCruiser scow concept… But, some more about that later!

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