2CV’s, VW Bugs, and thoughts of a VolksCruiser…

Speaking of questions… How is it that a car built in the 40’s is more fuel efficient than modern high-tech production cars?

As it happens, I’ve always been a huge fan of Citroens (I learned to drive on a DS) but reading about the 2CV got me thinking about how there’s a real parallel between what is wrong with most sailboat design these days and the auto industry’s lack of progress in the areas that count.

Tad Roberts with his new Future Cruiser series has the right idea in that he’s getting back to basics. So, as it happens, does Mark Smaalders with his Simplicity designs… Both designers currently being very much on my shortlist for the next boat.

But, it’s more than just going back to older designs. It’s time to take a step back and look at just what really is needful and what’s not… Something I’ve been thinking a lot about as we get rid of all the stuff on “So It Goes” that has not been used in the last couple of years.

Now, just for a moment, think about what an evolved 2CV or VW Bug would be if they simply had kept improving it, which I hasten to add is not the same thing as following market forces or trying to make it something it’s not. It would get something like a 120 miles to the gallon, be stronger, be nearly indestructible, and very, very affordable!

I’m pretty sure the same could be done with your sailboat of choice…

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