a simple electric system…

Minimal boat, minimal systems.

Just about as seaworthy as you can get.

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2 thoughts on “a simple electric system…”

  1. I think he departed yesterday, he is currently at sea. I used a lot of equipment that run off AA batteries, some of which i am still using 15 years later, if at reduced capacity! Easy to put charge into a 1.5v battery with even small solar capacity. Im thinking of downsizing again, just to get rid of the need of an anchor winch.

  2. Clever!

    Non-marine rated electronic gear (FCC compliance) may cause some interference issues with his VHF radio (mind you he probably uses a handheld so the risk is much reduced), and having the whole works that close to the compass ought to be rethought.

    Round containers always seem to waste a lot of useful space, in my mind…

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