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I’m trying to get my head around the idea that if building a single smartphone produces 87 kilos of waste and 110 kilos of CO2 emissions what the holy fuck does it take to build a Bendytoy 32?

Seriously, there has to be a better more sustainable way to do things.

If that makes any sense to you here’s an article you need to read.

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  1. Recycled steel is a way efficient path to a cruiser or cargo vessel. Recycled steel to a cargo sharpie is merely way cool. As is everyday fabrics for a junk rig.

  2. Making things to last would be a huge change. There is no reason cars, home appliances…. and even light bulbs can’t last well over 20 years without replacement. But no government is going to force that kind of change…. well there is one. ( Dubai is quite picky about their lamps. Having things (cell phones too) last three times as long means 1/3 the mining, processing, shipping, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, shipping, retail floor space…. and the CO2produced and resources used. Most of our governments would not survive forcing big business to do this. Notice how often shipping shows up in the chain.

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