What’s up in America’s chilly paradise…

It was seventy-two frelling degrees this morning!

Since I have the Simpson Lawrence Anchorman aboard (SHINY!), it’s now time to remove the Vetus manual windlass and put it up for sale to get it (and its weight) off the boat. I had planned to take it down to bare metal then give it a new paint job to increase its selling price but right now I just want it off the boat and the extra money would be no bad thing..

Which means today will mostly be on my knees on the foredeck rearranging stuff while filling old holes and drilling new ones. The other job for today is dealing with a frozen turnbuckle that has been getting the PB Blaster treatment and budging not a thread. I expect I’ll be reduced to cutting the stay and installing and a new Sta-Lok with a new turnbuckle.

Having sorted that out, I can get on to sorting out the aft lower chainplates and the mini-bulkheads to mount them in place of the badly-designed, original chainplates which put all of the forces involved on the deck only. Yeah, I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

On the positive side, I get to drill the new chainplates with my new favorite tool…

But now, it’s time for another cup of coffee.

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