if it ain’t broke…

I’m sitting here looking at a couple of hundred feet or so of Dyneema that should/could be the new rig for the Islander and it’s just a little frustrating as I’m not going to use it and will consign it to the “when the rig needs replacing” locker.

Now, as someone who is well aware of the superiority and cost-effectiveness of textile rigging for sailboats, you’d think I’d be doing a textile rig… right? The problem being that all of the wire is just fine and, while some parts of the rig (a few chainplates) do need replacing ASAP, there’s no need to replace wire that will be fine for the next five years or so.

That said, in the event that for some reason or other I do need to replace some wire, I will already have the required bits to do it.

A big problem for a lot of folks with new to them boats is the desire to replace everything with newer, sexier, and better gear but the whole trying to make an older boat newer is not just expensive, it’s right in the middle of sack of hammers territory.

And you know what they say about a sack of hammers.

By the way, Chuck Wendig has a great rant regarding AI that seriously resonates with me that is well worth checking out.

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