some method to the madness…

Most everything, interior wise, in the Islander 36 is overbuilt. So, I’m going to really enjoy replacing a lot of heavy interior with lighter weight monocoque replacement units.

Why anyone would use 3/4″ plywood when 1/4″ is available is a mystery to me?

Meanwhile, this in the green-washing department makes me wonder how some folks can bear looking at themselves in a mirror or sleep at night.

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3 thoughts on “some method to the madness…”

  1. I couldn’t see the green washing for all the shilling… Guess somtimes you gotta write something just to make sure your boss knows where you stand on the matter.

  2. Having worked in the industry, I have seen how thousands can be employed instead of a single painting being bought and hung on a wall where perhaps no one would see it. The other side is seeing 3,000 gallons of diesel evaporate in an “afternoons testing”………

    Rebuild a J yacht or an elegant 1930s motoryacht and I dont have much issue, but an ugly monstrosity that is “out of date” within 12 months is a waste of resources, even if its supporting a wider community. I expect some people complained of the same thing in the 30s. If you are in buisness to make money, not many are going to turn away a billionaire, even if they have “bad taste”.

  3. Re the lighter weight interior fittings.
    I don’t know the cost of decent ply where you are but here a sheet of 9mm marine gaboon is at least £100 or whatever in $. Unless you are going to do a different rebuild entirely it might seem a bit non volksy two take out old, good quality timber to replace with lesser quality and costly stuff.
    Does the overall weight loss justify it either? As a serial multihull builder I understand your philosophy on weight very well but not so sure on the cost/ value equation.
    Your Florida teak is obviously much better than ours so maybe your marine ply is half the cost as well.
    Saving the tropical forests might come into the reckoning too.

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