Of course, I knew this was going to happen but gee whiz sometimes I forget how stupid sailing gear can be. In today’s instance, I’m talking about the mainsheet traveler and the what-were-they-thinking about when they designed the main sheeting arrangement.

Stupid as a bag of hammers.

To add insult to injury it appears that they went out of their way to marry different materials because they must think galvanic corrosion is something we want. Yeah, I’m looking at you Schaefer! By the way, since I’m in rant mode, who was the idiot who thought to make sheaves non-replaceable?

I’ve half a mind to just remove the whole traveler which on the Islander 36 is an imposing structure on the deck and part of the whole I36 vibe. Removing the curved monstrosity with something better/simpler/cheaper seems close to a heretical act.

Speaking of heretical acts, I should warn you that the infamous I36 folding table is very close to being removed and recycled as soon as I get into redoing the salon area.

Now, if you’ll forgive me, I really need to put on my thinking cap and come up with a cunning mainsheet plan.

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