fifteen days or something like it…

I’ve got fifteen days left to get the Islander sorted out so I can leave this marina and get back to being at anchor where I belong. Which leaves some rigging, replacing the tricolor, checking the sails and organizing the running rigging. Of course, there’s still a lot of playing “Where does this wire go and where did it come from roulette” which could drive a person to drink, insanity, or worse (taking up MAGA politics?).

That said, a not-too-difficult state of affairs.

I have a few semi-major projects including a redo of the head on the Islander. This includes the watermaker and a composting toilet but they’ll wait till I’ve settled on the best cunning plan. The most pressing issue will be dealing with a sensible solar array and related wiring. Once those are taken care of it’s time for the fun stuff…

Oh yeah, a rather good reason not to buy Starlink. I expect I’ll add my two-cents on the subject but that will have to wait for a day at anchor.

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2 thoughts on “fifteen days or something like it…”

  1. I find it best to avoid politics, but as you bought it up; he didnt turn anything off, he just did not give extended coverage. As seen by yesterdays strikes on Sevastapol, Starlink is not required. Musk has become a whipping boy of sorts. You might aswell blame Nuland for handing out bread……

    1. Starlink has a lot of issues that involve sailors and cruisers. Which is mostly what I have issues with. The fact that Elon Musk is something of a soup sandwich is hardly politics just needful info.

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