What’s in the pipeline…

Once I get finished with the electrics, a bit of engine messabout, and sorting out new navigation lights, then it’s on to making the Islander something more approaching home.

First on the list is ripping out the old toilet and building in a “composting head” (and yes, I know that composting heads on boats don’t really compost). On So It Goes we’ve had a composting head for about fifteen years with no negative issues whatsoever. The Islander head space is a little bit special so there might be a bit more wood butchery than in some boats but, off hand, I’d be very surprised if the cost exceeds $100.

After that I’ll be installing an interesting stove /oven I came across that costs a fraction what a “marine” stove does yet still has thermocouples and appears to be easy to DIY a gimbal. More about that once I have the stove in hand.

Somewhere in there, I’ll be installing our watermaker and looking for a smaller, affordable high pressure pump to replace the Karcher pressure washer that has been making water quite happily for the last six or seven years. I’d love to hear about any high pressure pumps you might know about of the frugal sort.

Then there’s the usual stuff… Some deck stuff needs to be re-bedded, the hard dodger needs to have new windows, and there are ample bits of painting that needs to be done including a self-steering gear and a new name on the transom.

Once all that’s done we’ll get into the fun stuff of rigging, sea trials and just maybe catch some fish while we’re at it..

Lastly, for those who are interested in the overall budget for the Islander here’s how the basic numbers work out… The maximum budget for the boat purchase and fitout is $15K and my actual target is $13K. So, as far as boat costs go we’re very much in cheap seats territory. Because time IS money we’re aiming at a three month fitout because sailing is a whole lot more fun than working on a boat and we’re looking forward to putting the Islander through its paces.

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