about those rose coloured glasses…

So, I just spent a couple of days surveying a boat I was sorta/kinda interested in buying and it’s just not going to happen. That said it did make me rethink a lot about the whole buying and selling of sailboats within the VolksCruiser realm.

The boat in question was an Irwin Citation 38. This design if you’re curious.

The boat was presented as being in good shape, ready to sail, and just needed some cosmetics condition sorted out combined with a very attractive price so looked like a great upscale Volkscruiserish project. With a bunch of emails with the owner confirming the stated condition it seemed like a worthwhile gamble to get on a plane to check it out.

For some reason or other I’d seem to have forgotten the gospel of the goodly Dr House which points out the sordid fact that …

Everybody Lies!

But, more about that tomorrow…

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2 thoughts on “about those rose coloured glasses…”

  1. I don’t think people deliberately lie about their boat. It’s more like everyone has a different idea of what is considered acceptable. The number of times I have surveyed a boat and the owner seems oblivious to it’s real condition is countless.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. One man’s reality is going to be different from another’s. That said, a delusional take on the condition/value of one’s boat is somewhat problematic.

      I’ll also point out that here in the Caribbean piracy is a baked in part of the culture and people selling boats are often well aware of the condition of their boats.

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