size really does matter…

While perusing the news this morning, I noticed something of a theme relating to size. First, there was a piece in the Times about Mega yachts, Fortune had an article about bigger than prudent profits, and then there was this palate cleanser about a 50,000-egg omelet, which sorta/kinda got me thinking about VolksCruiser size and air fryers.

The two biggest hurdles folks have issues with when contemplating getting and cruising a VolksCruiser are size and stuff. Or to put it in the correct context, how one can get an affordable boat with enough room for all the stuff one wants? This brings us to the aforementioned air fryer.

Now, as it happens, I’ve somehow survived sixty-nine years without having an air fryer (or an Instant Pot if you’re keeping track) but all the deluge of hype on air fryers as an indispensable kitchen tool that one simply can’t live without, even caused me to briefly consider one. A short-lived thought when I realized I’d have to get rid of my Firebird guitar to make room for it or get a bigger boat to house it. Throw in the fact that the energy drain would require my having to rethink the entire electrical system aboard “So It Goes”.

So much for the surplus to requirements small appliance. It simply does not pass the need/want/value test. However, it does underline the whole living in a finite space with fixed resources conundrum at the heart of cruising in a small boat.

The funny thing is I have a ten-inch frying pan that will do just about everything an air fryer will so not being able to use an air fryer aboard is a non-issue. On the other hand, that one-ton frying pan they use to cook the 50,000-egg omelet is something I’d really like to see and would be a great reason to sail over to France to check it out for next Easter Monday.

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