a couple of budget thoughts…

Everybody has their own budget parameters and most have both a public and private parameter set. Everyone is so concerned about what people may think about their financial well-being that they feel the need to fudge on what they can or cannot afford.

I trust you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, this inability to be honest about what is or is not affordable becomes a major obstacle to getting a good boat and being able to cruise.

So, what can you afford to spend for a boat?

What sort of monthly budget for cruising in a sustainable manner can you manage?

I’ll point out that you really need to do some serious study and homework to suss out the right answers to those two questions. Plus, for some, this sort of self-examination might be a bit uncomfortable or scary but it really needs to be done if you’re going to succeed in this madness.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there are no wrong or right answers to the budget question as folks have successfully cruised on cheap boats with minuscule budgets and had a good time doing it. The bottom line is it’s doable as long as you’re willing to work with what you can afford and embrace the experience.

The downside is that in a consumerist society, with scant sense of real value, living within one’s means is akin to heresy and there will be pressure to conform. Luckily there are any number of ways to avoid, being burnt at the stake of public opinion.

More on the subject tomorrow…

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