a boat that caught my eye…

It’s funny how you sometimes miss something that’s obvious from the start. For instance, take the Island Packet 26…

Now, generally, I’m not a huge fan of Island Packets as they tend to be more expensive than I care to spend but I’ve always admired their unique ability to pimp their boats. So I sorta/kinda missed this particular design which happens to look a whole lot like one of my favorite Irwin VolksCruiserish boats. I’m sure you remember the Irwin 10/4…

Quite similar are they not?

Pretty much the same boat and I would not be surprised if the Island Packet got popped out of the actual Irwin mold. Anyway, another boat you might want to add to your boats worth checking out list.

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1 thought on “a boat that caught my eye…”

  1. That Island Packet is a new one for me. What more do you need, shallow draft, inboard, double cruncher berth for in harbour, 2 sea berths and a seperate bog. Pretty much the same layout of boats up to 32-36ft that gain only quarter berths in old boats, or two double aft cabins with en-suites in the new.

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