a couple of VolksCruiser rigs…

So, here’s an alternative rig for the CAL 34…

It’s the Simplicity Rig designed by Mark Smaalders and it makes a whole lot of sense in that it’s fairly inexpensive, has little to fail, and is simple. It’s what we have on “So It Goes” and it cost (mast, rigging, sails) less than a replacement mast all up.

Being simple there’s not a lot to go wrong. It performs as well or better than the original rig and was a whole lot cheaper than replacing the rig we lost when the mast fell down and went boom. In short, a well-suited rig for someone cruising on a budget.

Here’s another alternative rig you’ll want to check…

It’s a design idea that Michael Schacht and I have been throwing back and forth. Not quite as simple as the Simplicity rig with a lot more sting to pull but another alternative to the same old same sloop. The junk rig is easy to reef and the small jib on roller reefing makes for an easy-to-balance and handle rig that will point higher than normal junks. It’s also inexpensive in materials and is as easy or easier to put together as the sails are easier to DIY.

The spar is minimally stayed instead of being free-standing which, to me at least, makes a lot of sense for a variety of reasons which we’ll be discussing in the next post or so.

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4 thoughts on “a couple of VolksCruiser rigs…”

  1. First ‘Boats n Bits’ disappears, and now ‘Volks’ relocates.
    In our rollercoaster-toes-up-gone-mad new world order, if only for my mental health, I need the continuity offered by this stable benchmark of sanity, this reference point on reality. Reading “We’re out of here” did not help, thought we’d lost one more voice of reason to the ever growing wilderness that is a digital dumpster.
    Few, ….feel better now. Useful info on rigs Bob. Speaking of simplicity and economy, do you have any thoughts on galvanised vs stainless rig / deck fittings?
    Coffee, breathe.

  2. Hope you stick around. It took a while for me to realize that boat bits and Volkcruiser was one and the same gig. You post a lot of interesting stuff, but without the ability to comment on some of it, nice to see that has changed. Keep up the good work and sharing ideas.

  3. Jonathan Morse

    So appreciate your efforts. I have been a daily reader of your blogs for years. Your steadfast message of “keep it simple”, and “say yes to innovation, but not to marketing hype” helped keep my head straight as I looked for and prepared my boat.
    My family of 4 has had the time of our lives and sailed several thousand ocean miles on our small simple vessel. Many more miles to come I hope.
    Thanks for keeping this blog going… it’s like a daily devotional for me😆

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