a $1000 VolksCruiser…

 Here’s a boat you might want to check out…

Now, for me at least, the Chrysler 26 comes pretty close to checking all of the fields on my what makes a great VolksCruiser list.

  1. It’s cheap and I’ve seen good boats going for $1K.
  2. It packs in a lot of livability into a 26-foot envelope.
  3. It has a draft of 2′ 3″ with the board up and 6′ 2″ when you need to get to windward.
  4. It has enough displacement and ballast to get you where you want to go right side up.
  5. Halsey Hereshoff designed it and he’s a  designer I trust.
  6. It was designed to use an outboard and 6HP is all you need.

The only disadvantage is that it is a small boat and not for someone who requires a lot of less-than-needful-stuff. But that’s a problem with any 26-foot boat isn’t it? 

A few minimal projects (the galley for instance) would make it an even a better cruiser for not a lot of money or sweat.

So, all in all, it’s a great example of what you need in a small cruising boat and well worth considering.


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