regarding two tool rolls…

So, Sailrite has a great instructional video on making a tool roll that really impressed me. It also rocked my thoughts on my ongoing effort to better get control of tool stowage aboard “So It Goes”. 

You might want to check it out…

It’s really a killer tool roll for sure.

Of course, being both lazy and cheap I explored affordable ready made alternatives and found that there were a couple of reasonable facsimiles available between $10 and $15 and Walmart had this one

It’s a real killer of a tool roll as well. The one I bought was well made with excellent materials. So good in fact that I may buy a few more which will go a long way to better organize my tools.

While I really like the Sailrite kit it’s just a bit too expensive when compared with what the Walmart tool roll is going for.

That said, I just may use their basic construction guide to make a more specialized tool roll for my rigging kit which seems to defy any sort of organization I’ve attempted to wrangle the rigging gear into a civilized form.

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