Pricing on boats is just nuts these days and fining what’s a good price or reasonable price can be all kinds of problematic.

You can buy a used Optimist dinghy for $200 or $3500 and I’m sure there’s a difference between the two but that kind of differential is just nuts. Especially when there’s a really choice well equipped CAL 25 selling for $2K.

The other day there was a a ten-foot Trinka selling for $400 which I briefly considered and the next day I saw another for $2K without oars or mast.

Two Catalina 30s for sale in the same marina were selling for $1900 and $30K and from their looks they seemed to be in moderate condition.

The best thing I can say about the overall state of the boat market is that it is simply insane.

That said, an insane market in boats can be advantageous for some but more about that soon.

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