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I just got the new Cruising Compass and they had a link to this BFB…

Now, I’ve long been a fan of boats from Jeanneau for ages and I’m sure most everyone in the yachting media will be all over this design but I have a short question…

Is this the right boat design for 2022?

In a world of finite resources shouldn’t we be focused on a more earth friendly and sustainable design model?

Granted a lot of good work went into the design of this rich man’s toy but how much of that good design can be adapted to more sustainable and affordable models?

Now, in my less than humble opinion, is the fact that boats like this distract from any real development and distort the market to the point that all of a sudden, everyone feels like this sort of sailboat is what one needs to go cruising with.

Another downside of BFBs is that the cruising areas tend to adapt their services and facilities to boats like this making it that much more difficult and expensive for cruisers of modest means to fit in. Sint Maarten used to be the best place in the Caribbean to get work done but these days no one wants to work on smaller boats because the bigger the boat the more profit involved. Worse is that a lot of marinas and shore side facilities create barriers designed to favor their preferred client in such stupid ways as not allowing human powered dinghies in their dinghy docks.

Which is just the sort of attrition that makes people give up cruising or sail off to places that have not caught up to the new norm or reality that is currently passes for cruising.

Anyway, it’s an interesting boat and one can learn quite a bit in studying it.

More soonish on a semi-related subject…

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1 thought on “something to think about…”

  1. Some comments:
    – requires upgrades to actually go sailing, except in the exceptionally calm bay they show.
    – As it can't go sailing perhaps it would make a nice condo at dock but too many bedrooms.
    – tries to be a catamaran beater. I would guess in price too.
    – I can't see myself owning… or even wanting to own such a boat.
    – the split "cockpit" is nice, well a new idea to me anyway.
    – the Cabin looks good for human pinball anyway.

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