How low can you go?

Sure, I know that there’s a helluva lot of peer pressure to adhere to consumerist dogma but, just for a moment think about what you can afford rather than what you think others will opine on what you need to spend to be accepted.

I see a lot of folks selling the idea that “price is no object” but buying boats that are a fraction of the cost and pretending they’re following the party line.

Know something?

They get away with it because most everyone is doing the same thing and no one’s going to bust them because most everyone is part of the con.

The sordid truth is that most boat folk, by their very nature, have their asses firmly planted in the cheap seats. The problem only arises when they’re not honest about it.

Worse is when they use the cost of stuff as a means of letting you know how much every-damn-fucking-thing-on-their-boat cost in a misguided ruse to impress you. As someone who has sold a lot of marine gear to these wankers I’ll let you know that, more often than not, they lie about what they paid for those winches or top-of-the-line electronics.

Maybe it’s just me but there’s something pretty off when it reaches that point.

Know what impresses me? When someone comes up with a way of doing things that involves common sense and thought to make the whole sailing off into the sunset more comfortable, affordable and sustainable. On the other hand some guy bragging that he spent lots of money to impress me or as a put down just hits the pity note.

The other day when I mentioned that I was building yet another Tortoise someone pointed out that He’d spent $12K on his dinghy but if I can only afford a two sheet dinghy maybe I shouldn’t bother until I could afford something better.

Yeah, it sorta/kinda pissed me off. Still, the Tortoise makes more sense for me than a 12-foot RIB with a 25HP outboard and it would be real dumb in a world where gas costs $5.50 to have such a beast.

Over on Boat Bits today I mentioned a Newport 28MK2 that’s selling for $2.5K and appears to be in pretty good shape. Researching the design a bit more the Newport appears to be one of those designs that seems to have a pretty good price and is firmly in the “good bang for the buck” price niche. Plus it would make a very good cruising boat. What’s not to like?

The important thing to keep in mind is that hardly anyone cares what sort of boat you cruise in. No one who isn’t an asshole is going to ask you what it costs and, as long as the boat is shipshape, you’ll still be invited to potlucks and suchlike (if that’s your thing).

So, how low can you go?

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