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It was just pointed out that I’m rather stupid because I think it’s possible to buy a boat for not a lot of money, sort out any needful issues, and go cruising.

It’s not the first time…

Apparently, the ex-reader in question is of the opinion that it’s impossible to buy a suitable boat for less than $30K and that the $30K boat would cost as much again to make it into a proper cruising boat. So we’re talking about a minimum of $60K. 

As it happens, I’ve been beavering away on a book with a working title of Eighteen VolksCruiserish Boats which documents various affordable production boats suited to long term voyaging on a blue collar budget. None of which will cost you more than $10K to purchase with minimal refit expenditure.

I’m not all that big on giving advice. I’d much rather point out options, workarounds, and common sense approaches that work rather than offer a one true path to cruising Nirvana. 

Fact is, I don’t take issue with a guy who feels he has to spend a minimum of $60K to sail down to the Caribbean or other milk run destinations where high prices, keeping up with the Joneses, and conspicuous consumption are the norm. As long as he’s happy doing it, I have no issues.

That said, it really gets up my nose when someone feels the need to tell me that his way is the only way.

As I’ve said before, VolkCruisers and cruising is not for everyone and you really have to understand basic economics and sweat equity to make it work.

No rocket science involved.

I really shouldn’t have to say more.

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1 thought on “A quick note”

  1. Hi. Long time reader of VolksCruiser and Boat Bits here. Hope you get that book published, as I'm very much looking forward to reading it.

    As for the "You *need* $xyz,000 up front to participate in abc activity", I'm very familiar with it from the decades I spent riding motorcycles on the cheap. I was told quite regularly that I couldn't (or *shouldn't*) possibly be doing it without an outlay to get started that wasn't far short of my *total* expenditure over 30 years. That I *was* seemed to be deeply offensive to some.

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