A quick thought on performance…

Talking about performance where cruising boats are concerned is somewhat problematic at best. Most folks’ first thought when the subject of performance is breached, immediately think in terms of speed and going fast. However, speed is not the only way to think of performance.

Obviously, a cruising boat needs to be able to get from one place to another in a timely manner. While I certainly second that it doesn’t require getting to one’s destination at full tilt boogie speeds. 

Full tilt boogie equals stuff breaking.

So, where does performance come in?

A well designed hull is easy to push through the water and does not require a a big rig to achieve hull speed.

A smaller rig is less expensive, produces less wear and tear on the boat, and is less likely to fail. Which, from where I’m sitting, is a very good thing.

More on VolksCruiserish rigs up next…

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