Because quite a few people just asked what a Centaur costs…

Just a quick look at some Westerly Centaurs for sale show me an average asking price of $9199. That said, no one really ever pays asking price for a boat…

So, let’s just peg the real world price (in the US of A) at somewhere around $7600 or about $1.14 a pound.

Pretty much says it all…

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1 thought on “Because quite a few people just asked what a Centaur costs…”

  1. Just a note so no need to post this. I would suggest the baseboat and auxiliary adventure smaller boat as a viable volkscruiser strategy. Even a old fishing boat with steady diesel to access a archipelago then a small sharpie for really exploring the skinny water recesses and beach cruising-camping.

    Wrote a piece on my top picks for such base locations here with some pix of the locales:

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