If you stop and think about it, people have been sailing and cruising for a very long time and, as a result, have pretty much sorted out all of the problems you may run into. Better yet, a lot of folks who have successfully done the cruising gig have written some pretty good books about their experiences so it’s easy to get a handle on what works or doesn’t…

Reading is a good thing!

Personally, I find older books have a lot more to give because they’re more about actually sailing and cruising and less about buying stuff so provide a better foundation to the whole need/want thing.

I mention this because I have a serious urge to either build a new boat or find a new boat to rehab//fix up and rethinking my whole need/want parameters. The process being somewhat hampered because the whole new boat thing comes married to an overbearing pressure to buy or change stuff that don’t, in fact, need to be bought or changed.

Relentless pressure…

So bad, in fact, that even I (Luddite that I am), find myself drooling too often over the latest glimpse of the silly expensive vaporware wonderment sort that gives Panbo (or reasonable facsimile) a virtual woody.

Face it, It’s really easy to get sucked into the whole consumerism habit because everyone tells you you need this or that and spending money is the answer to all questions…

Just throw money at it.

No skill involved.

No uncomfortable learning curves necessary.

So, when I find myself thinking that a new 3D forward scanning sonar system that costs more than the purchase price of “So It Goes” is a needful thing, the only drug that will work is to read a book about people getting by quite happily doing it old school like Herb Payson’s “Blown Away”.

Works finest kind.

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