Taking control with a nod to responsibility…

The other day, a reader who often drops me mail to let me know I’m an idiot, directed me to a thread on a forum regarding a woman’s decision to buy a cheap RV stove for a couple of hundred dollars instead of a “proper” marine one for a couple of thousand…

Silly man.

First of all, the word “marine” seldom, if ever, impresses me because I’ve worked in the marine industry and I’ve had up close and personal experience with a lot of crap it produces.

Secondly, the only real advantage to a marine stove is that it has a thermcouple which turns off the flow of gas in the event that the flame is blown out. This is a good thing in practice but does not guarantee safety nor is it a high priced component which would justify the much higher price of the marine stove. Used correctly, which translates roughly to “never leave a lit stove unattended on a boat doofus” will insure that you don’t go boom in a rather spectacular way.

The thing is, whatever gear you put on your boat is your choice and you’re in control. The downside is that also means you’re responsible for whatever turns out as a result. Which means you might want to take some care in how you install said stove whether it is an RV, camping, or gold plated marine stove.

Lately I’ve been doodling my next boat and, as the galley is such a central part of life on a boat, the stove is a very important part of the puzzle. I expect I’ll be using the Camp Chef as they are cheap (street price around $230), everyone I know who is using one loves them, they’re easily/cheaply adapted to being gimbaled, and maybe most importantly unlike marine stoves, spare parts are readily available from Camp Chef inexpensivley.

Just saying…

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2 thoughts on “Taking control with a nod to responsibility…”

  1. Fiddles are pretty easy on the CampChef especially if you make the fiddles part of the gimbal arrangement.That said, the top and windscreen of the stove already gives you a fiddle at the back and sides and all you really need to add is a bit of chain or cable in the front…

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