Color me simplistic…

The other day a friend wrote me complaining that the boat project he was thinking of building was getting scary expensive and he used winches as an example. The winches spec’d out for his design, even with a deep discount added up to somewhere just shy of $7K.

Quite an “ouch” factor for a small boat less than thirty feet…

Of course, being an aficionado of alternative rigs, I was quick to point out that it would be easy to adapt the design to balanced lug and dispense with the winches entirely. This would also get rid of the not insubstantial cost of standing rigging as well.

In his case I’d still fly a small blade jib set flying because it’s a big help with balance but mostly because a small jib does wonders for the balanced lugs windward performance with the only downside being the addition of a forestay and running backs.

Not that I expect him to go with the balanced lug but it does give you an idea that if you want to save serious money on a boat it makes all kinds of sense to think simple…

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