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The new issue of Practical Boat Owner has a review /article about he Etap 24i that caught my attention. First off, it is a good review and not the usual regurgitated advertising copy we take for granted in American sailing rags. Secondly, I’ve always really liked what Etap is doing with their boats and it’s good to see how they are holding up.

Yeah, you read that right… PBO reviews boats from time to time on how they have held up long after they were the new boat at the boat show. What is it they say about hindsight being 20/20?

The thing I really like about PBO is that they take their job seriously…

In the same issue there is a somewhat exhaustive/exhausting article about shaft seals, a test of small portable fridges and cool boxes, and quite a few hands on projects and how-to’s.

Lots of great content.

I’ll repeat that…

Lots of great content.

The downside is a subscription is more expensive than Sail or Cruising World…

Then again, if you were to charge by real content versus ersatz, should it not just maybe cost a bit more?

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