a whole lot of rain…

We caught the lower edge of Tropical Storm Phillipe which was mostly just rain. The good news was that down here we’ve been in a drought situation so rain is no bad thing in general. That said, for a lot of folks being flooded they might decide to differ.

We’d actually been hoping for a decent rain or two as we knew the Islander was going to have some leaks, as well at least a couple of dodgy ports, and then there was the Islander 36 companionway which is of the “What were they thinking?” school of design. All in all everything worked and the leaks were fairly minor but we do need a couple of new ports , the mast needs a new mast boot, and the hard dodger/companionway needs a bit of a rethink.

Mainly I’m just tired and I don’t expect to accomplish much today as the weather is still a bit iffy. So, getting out the router for some wood butchery in the cockpit and a bit of wiring pretty much covers the battle plan for today…

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