another day in an overly long project…

So, my two-month refit of our Islander 36 appears to be stretching to four months. Which, when you consider that most of the reasons is simply we’ve been sitting around doing nothing waiting for parts is not all that bad. I’d be surprised if I’ve actually done a month’s labor when all is said and done.

Part of the problem is the engine. I’ve always known that an inboard engine on a sailboat is, at best, a problematic and costly state of affairs so not all that surprising that the bulk of issues have to do with it. Not that the engine does not run but just that catching up on somewhat deferred upkeep is a lot of hassle especially when you need a couple of elbows and other simple bits to do it with.

So, yeah, I’m still waiting for an elbow so we can finish sorting out the exhaust…

So it does go.

As it happens I recently noticed that there’s a shoal draft Islander 36 going for cheap in the Tacoma Craigslist that you might want to check out. It obviously needs work but for under $5K it looks like a reasonable project (it’s floating and the mast points up) for someone to take on.

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