a deal or not?

So, there’s a 32′ Piver trimaran for sale in California with a listed price of $19.5K. From the looks of the pictures it’s in fairly good shape. Though no interior pictures or mention whether or not the inboard engine works.

The boat was built in 1973.

The basic equation of a cruising multihull for $19.5K certainly seems like a great deal in a market that is just silly expensive.

Then again, $19.5K is a lot of money for a plywood boat built before epoxy was in common use in boat building.

As it happens, I have a lot of respect for Piver, his designs, and plywood as a boat building material. That said, I’ll point out that it’s best to leave your rose colored glasses at home whenever looking at a 49-year old plywood boat whatever the price.

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