The first important question…

So, here’s the big question…

What can you afford?

It doesn’t really matter what you think it costs, what other people are spending, or the relative price of tea in China. It’s all about what you can afford in the long run.

Let’s take a number out of a hat…


$18,310. is the current poverty line for a couple in the USA. Divide that number by twelve and you get $1,525.84. per month. A lot of folks I know would consider that a fairly comfortable full time cruising budget.

The question remains: can you live and cruise on $1,525.84 per month?

How would you budget that out? Would it affect your current lifestyle negatively? What would it have you giving up?

So many questions, so little time and dollars.

If $1,525.84. per month is too little for your needs. What amount would make a difference or what would you have to give up to make it work?

Pull some other numbers out of a hat and ask yourself the same questions. Do it until you think you have a number that makes sense for you. I know it’s hard, but try to keep the rose-colored glasses in their case and be relentlessly honest about it.

Trust me, it will pay off big time.

Next up, we’ll do an actual budget based on the $1,525.84. per month budget and whatever you might care to suggest in the comments.


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1 thought on “The first important question…”

  1. Here in Australia $2618 US a month is the poverty level here in Australia for a couple. You can live on that and certainly I know lots of couples who do. The thing is they all worked and set themselves up before retiring to live on or below the poverty line. So with a bit of hard work and dedication it can be done here.

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