The current cost of boats…

Just about every Sunday I use Search Tempest to check out the cost of used boats under $5K on Craig’s List. It’s a cool search engine that allows one to check all the boats for sail on Craig’s List in the USA.

I mention this because I keep hearing that the cost of used cars has skyrocketed and that old beaters are now selling for crazy prices. That added to the howls of anguish over so called inflation has me a little nervous on the state of the used boat market.

The good news is that my weekly price comparisons don’t show a trend towards higher prices and, if anything, support the premise that there are still a lot of good boats available at realistic prices.

Nevertheless, markets are skittish and trends, where costs are concerned, can turn on the proverbial dime and nothing is forever.

That being the case, it’s good to keep in mind the truism that good boats at good prices sell quickly and won’t be around for long. Just like good boats at stupidly high prices sit around forever.

Just sayin’

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