A different rig for the Ranger 26

The world falling apart has put the Ranger 26 into VolksCruiser on the back burner for a bit. But, in the meantime, I’ll tease you with a possible variation of how the finished boat might wind up as…

…a junk.

More. hopefully, soon come.

Stay safe.

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3 thoughts on “A different rig for the Ranger 26”

  1. A mizzenmast makes a fine place for a junk rigs blocks to land on and spaces them out nicely for good sail shaping. Plus all the advantages of a healthy mizzen. Wind vane steerer with a solo junk sail is bad juju….. well…. OK juju.

  2. The thing with junk or pretty much any minority use rig is that you have to build it yourself. That said, masts and sails of this sort are actually quite easy to build.

    Better yet, the free-standing rig and the junk sail come out a lot less expensive than a comparable Bermudian rig.

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