Ranger 26: First cockpit projects…

So here’s a sketch from Michael (you know the Proa guy) to give you an idea what the first few projects entail…

The first order of business is to downsize the companion way and reduce some of the cockpit’s floodable volume. As you can see, we’re talking super simple as it’s just filling up a void and installing a couple of pieces of plywood and then glassing it in.

The dodger, on the other hand, is a little trickier but still a long way from rocket science. I’d build a mock-up in cardboard to see what it will look like and, once happy with the proportions, take the cardboard pieces apart to use as patterns. After that it’s just like building a stitch & glue dinghy. I’d use 1/4″ exterior ply for the dodger, 1/4″ plexi for the windows, and 3″ glass tape to do the joins. Afterwards, glass the whole shebang inside and out with biaxial cloth followed by 4oz or 6oz cloth to finish.

Materials needed for the three projects won’t break the bank but would include:

  1. One sheet of 1/4″ exterior plywood but you’ll only use a half sheet for these projects.
  2. Four yards of whatever biaxial cloth is on sale at your local purveyor of epoxy and glass fiber.  I use Raka for almost all of my epoxy, glass, carbon, and fillers and you might want to check them out as they always seem to have the most bang for the buck.
  3. A full roll of 3″ glass tape which is way more than you need for these projects but buying by the roll saves you lots of money.
  4. One and a half gallons of epoxy/hardener, some micro spheres, and colloidal silica. Though you may want to buy more as you’ll use more epoxy on other projects.

Next up is cleats, anchor rollers, and a closer look at rig options.

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