a better than most cruising narrative…

The other day I came across a book that I hadn’t heard about of the cruising persuasion. In point of fact, this one…

There’s a story told about what happened when Stanley Kubrick decided to make a horror film and started reading books of the horror genre. Apparently, according to his assistant, Kubrick would read a book for a bit and then throw the book across the room against the wall in disgust. This process went on for weeks and the assistant just got used to hearing the thump of flying books as being the new norm around the office.

I get that. But, in my case, it’s not horror fiction that hits the bulkhead but what passes for books of a cruising or nautical bent. Most books of this ilk I come across these days are, well let’s just say they lend themselves to being hurled with extreme prejudice, against the nearest available bulkhead.

Orca on the other hand, looked somewhat interesting. So, fully prepared to be disappointed, I downloaded the first couple of chapters to my Kindle and found myself enjoying it. So much so that I bought the book and read straight through it.

It’s a good book and the best cruising narrative I’ve read in the last couple of decades. Real people, real cruising, and it will leave you wanting more. A really good read with a surprising amount of depth and humor. Well worth your money and time.

The fact that it is tailor made for the VolksCruiser fraternity is just icing on the cake.

Oh yeah, regarding Kubrick hurling horror novels against his office wall, this continued until he came across a copy of The Shining by Stephen King in case you were wondering.

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